Aikido Centers
Aikido Centers
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Adults & Teens / Children
Structure, Self-Defense and Lots o’ Fun
Locations throughout NJ & PA
917 853 4325

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Aikido (pronouced: eye-key-doh) is extremely effective mindfulness training from start to finish—
for kids, teens, men and women and all professions including law enforcement.
It is a unique and modern way of not only self protection but of self discovery.


Aikido is a Way for today—
and everyday.


Fun, safe, interactive and effective on many levels.


No fighting. No competions. No tournaments.
No contracts.
Friendly, safe atmosphere for the whole family
or any individuals.


You deserve a reward for all your efforts…
Something that gives you peace of mind, body and soul.
Something that is enjoyable, interactive, safe and rewarding.


Aikido Centers locations include
East Hanover, Manasquan, Montclair,
Marlboro, Sparta, Summit and
Lancaster, PA


973 599 9300